A Taste of Success

From Steam Next Fest to Game release, Game Taste has a wide array of content creators for Steam Broadcasting and our PR services looking to cover unique games like FloraMancer: Seeds and Spells, a genre bending cozy but combat farming game.

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We met Joe through Twitter as we saw that he was going to participate in Steam Next Fest, we instantly liked the game and thought it would be a great fit to our indie game content creators to cover it.

We were able to help set everything up for the Steam Next Fest and can say that the Steam Broadcasts were a success, which you can read more about when scrolling down this ‘Taste of Success’

The game has been released since the 5th of March, and can be bought on Steam, the game currently holds a 100% positive rating.

Steam Broadcasting

With our in-house Editorial Team, we were able to cover a good amount of days and timezones, for everyone on Steam to enjoy and preview, what FloraMancer is all about. Steam Next Fest is one of the most important fests you can participate in to have gamers play your demo and add your game to their wishlists. During Steam Next Fest, we were able to reach ~85K viewers.

Next to Steam Next Fest, we also picked 3 of the most fitting content creator to cover the game during the game release, so potential buyers could look at a preview of the final build.


We run Game Taste with a huge passion for indie games, so much that even the Game Taste head-Mancer covered the game as extra content to use in any Steam Broadcasting or future content. Where we used Thrift Marketing to obtain a Floral spoon, read Staff, to accompany us on our adventures.

We have built a great relation with Joe, the solo developer of FloraMancer, and will always look at the more personal sides of projects, to see what the needs are of both the game and the developer.

This way we were also able to help through our shared knowledge, to for example having the game reaching 10 reviews as fast as we could.

FloraMancer now holds a 100% positive rating.


indie pr key requests

During the last month before the release, we have been sending out the FloraMancer press release. We have sent out email marketing to over 500 content creators and the press, next to doing a social media CTA with content creators. With a 70% open rate and a positive AD Value with ROI based on creating as much content as possible, the PR strategy was successful and reached over ~45K potential buyers.

Overall it was great to see content creators play FloraMancer and discover such an unique game, while also being able to grow their channels due to our social media team and Joe himself reposting the content to multiple platforms, such as Twitter and Discord.


Our in-house team went out of their way to record some well earned congratulations, that we played during the release stream of FloraMancer to surprise Joe.

Our in-house editorial members give their all when it comes to covering indie games, which makes us the perfect fit for your game.

We recommend to everyone to have smaller content creators in the back of their heads while thinking about content marketing, as they have a great conversion VS. the bigger content creators.

Floramancer Testimonial

“Game Taste was the best decision I’ve made when marketing my game FloraMancer. Every content creator was polite, professional and well worth the money.

On top of a great result, it was a blast watching good charismatic people have fun inside my game. I will absolutely be back for more!

Thank you so much for everything, you are a Guru for Indie Devs.”

– FloraMancer, Joe Sullivan, Solo Developer