Game Taste

Award-Winning Indie Game Marketing Consultancy


Bringing gamers and developers together

At Game Taste we value a high standard of communication between our staff, our clients and our contractor teams.
We are a transparent company that is not trying to sell you something big, rather we want to build with you and make your next game or service a success. 


Testing out new gameplay mechanics

We host a monthly local playtesting event in the Netherlands where showcasers can show off their game and get it tested by gamers and people from the gaming industry. RSVP is required and be sure to contact us if you want to showcase at one of our events. See you there!

analytical data

Sit back and watch how your impressions go up

All of our Data gets tracked in our database and gets turned into a simplified One Pager with backlinks to Editorial Productions and/or Social Media Posts, depending on the service you’ve entrusted us with. The only thing you have to do is sit back, relax and think about your gamedev challenges!

Project Planet

“Collaborating with Game Taste during one of our most crucial weeks as developers was truly a blessing. Bram, who is remarkably composed and knowledgeable, proved to be an invaluable asset. His ability to devise an outstanding plan within a short time frame was exceptional.

Over the course of a week, Game Taste provided us with six streamers, all of whom exhibited impressive expertise and professionalism. As per our agreement, the streamers streamed for a minimum of an hour, but they all exceeded that duration, demonstrating their enthusiasm.”

– Fifth Harbour Studios, Rik & Sjors, Team of Project Planet


“Game Taste was the best decision I’ve made when marketing my game Floramancer.

Every streamer was polite, professional and well worth the money for their Steam Next Fest productions.

On top of a great result, it was a blast watching good charismatic people have fun inside my game.

I will absolutely be back for more.”

– Joe Sullivan, Maker Floramancer


“Game Taste helped me a lot with Netherguild’s playtests.

Bram tested the game himself multiple times and even made sure that the game worked on the Steam Deck.

Next to that Game Taste hosted a successful Steam Next Fest Broadcast campaign for Netherguild where I was able to connect and stay in touch with creators even after the campaign. “

David Vinokurov, solo developer of Netherguild

Twin Stick Tennis

“Game Taste utilized their Editorial Team to play the Beta build of Twin Stick Tennis. It was super nice to see them playing my game and  this resulted into a nice boost in visibility for my Steam page.

To top it off, Game Taste edited the content pieces into a stream that they hosted on the TST Steam Page during Steam Sports fest.

Overall I am very happy with the result and I believe that the content will keep sending traffic to my Steam page, even in the future!”

– Brainburn Studios, Ward, solo developer of Twin Stick Tennis


“I have worked with Game Taste through multiple projects, whereas they first had me on their Editorial Team where I covered 2 new indie games a week.

Since a couple of months, Game Taste has helped me start up & boost my social media and reach out to indie game developers as my agent. 

Which he’ll also be doing for our French Network of Content creators!”

Antoine, Influencer and Founder behind IndeDay and Le Réseau Français


Ran Social Media & Community Managment over at Loopr PR & Marketing for a 4 month project groing socials with over 300% over engagement and followers.

With Loopr being one of our strong partners, we are able to strengthen any marketing and/or PR campaign with a combined influencer and press network.

With current projects like DC Dual Force, you’ll see that Loopr has the bandwith and experience in running great campaigns.

What we can do for you


Branding is one of the most important starting points as your branding will be representing your company or game throughout the whole process.
With Game Taste we went with apple green as it for one is the color of the Rotterdam flag, but also because green motivates and radiates nature. 


We can scout, filter and make a scouting database on any games that you are looking for. Based on studio size, game genre and if the developers are open for funding and/or publishing. We know that there is a lot of great Scouts, but there are even more games that you don’t want to miss! 


We will help you out on multiple fronts where possible, we can cater to your specific needs by setting up and executing Marketing Strategies, or help you out with setting up the basics. We will always share our marketing basics in our consultancy calls.

Social Media Management

Nowadays you want to be more fun and transparent to your users and potential buyers than being dead serious.
Being born as Gen-Z makes it easy for us to identify the trends as we are in the middle of these postings both personally and professionally and make them related to your game.
We are able to focus on both B2C and B2B Social Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Editorial Management

Game Taste has a team of trusted Editorial Members that would love to cover and show your game to their communities. The community of the members are often very close knit communities, which can result in better conversions. We believe that the Indie Creators fit best for the solo and indie developers, especially as next to conversions, you’ll have videos, twitch streams and articles written about your game helping your SEO boosting online.

Influencer Management

Focusing on indie game influencers that will have a set pricing on campaigns. We are not targeting the biggest influencers and will focus on non agencies to keep the price indie, our main goal here is to not have you pay thousands of dollars and still get similar results for higher conversions and more eyes on your game.
We also take on multiple influencers to help them out as an agent.For more info reach out to agent@gametaste.nl