A Taste of Success

From playtest to full on Marketing Strategy with the founders of Fifth Harbour Studios. Covering creator campaigns, social media and community Management and our PR services and how we made an impact.

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At the Test & Play 3rd edition, we invited Project Planet to showcase their game on the beamer that POING Arcade has in their arcade space.

By gathering a couch, some bar stools and some nice decor, we made a homely set to make it feel as if you were playing in your own living room. There were multiple games played by different groups and the overall feedback was great.

You could see the differences between groups that didn’t know each other and friends that were more close as they had different outcomes and play styles. In the end some frenemies were definitely made.

Steam Broadcasting

After the Test & Play event, we helped Project Planet cover their content needs for the Steam Next Fest, one of the most important fests you can participate in to have gamers play your demo and add your game to their wishlists. During Steam Next Fest, we were able to reach ~20K viewers


For our two tiers of in-house creators, we had 32 creators cover the game on their own channels, where we reached ~30K viewers. The best thing about the campaigns were that the content creators enjoyed the game so much, that the multitude of content was longer than anticipated and even played outside of the campaigns. In total we covered 9 countries in different languages such as English, Spanish, Brazil-Portuguese, French, German and Turkish.

The developers came to a quick conclusion that instead of looking hard for a publisher, they should be focusing on the influencers themselves, to sell the game.


indie pr key requests

During the entirety of the project, we have also reached out to multiple creators via our PR tool and social media. With a 73% open rate and a positive AD Value with ROI based on returning content creators, where some became weekly streamers/future ambassadors for the game, the PR strategy was successful.

Overall it was great to see content creators play Project Planet with their viewers, and having them integrate it in their own community nights, where they’ll either create content, or hang out in Discord to play together.


To fill any other needs to grow in wishlists, Twitter followers, active Discord members, we utilized a partnered platform called Drope.Me, where you can easily track these actions.

Next to these actions, you are able to select content creators as well, where Game Taste will help with our influencer management expertise, to pick the right creators for your campaign. 

We find Drope.Me to be more easy to set up and more easier to track than other influencer tools that are available.

Project Planet Testimonial

“Collaborating with Game Taste during one of our most crucial weeks as developers was truly a blessing. Bram, who is remarkably composed and knowledgeable, proved to be an invaluable asset. His ability to devise an outstanding plan within a short time frame was exceptional.

Over the course of a week, Game Taste provided us with six streamers, all of whom exhibited impressive expertise and professionalism. As per our agreement, the streamers streamed for a minimum of an hour, but they all exceeded that duration, demonstrating their enthusiasm.”

– Fifth Harbour Studios, Rik & Sjors, Team of Project Planet